Stainless Steel Liquid Distributor

2021-02-05 08:48:49

Product Description

liquid distributor is required at all locations in the column where an external liquid stream is introduced.304 316L stainless steel liquid distributor is a typical liquid distributor designed to provide excellent water distribution over a wide turn down ratio.  These liquid distributors are available in a complete range to suit various column diameters, liquid rates and service conditions.In order to ensure liquid 's evenly spread on the surface of the packing and improve packing 's use efficiency, Liquid distributor was born .Each distributor consists of a centrally arranged main trough with attached side troughs. Central and side trough form a communication system that equalize liquid level gradients within the distributor most efficiently. In addition to providing a uniform  liquid distribution pattern to the top of the packed bed, the distributor must provide sufficient gas passage area to avoid a high-pressure drop or liquid entrainment. The liquid distributor should have a high turndown ratio and be resistant to fouling.



Compacted and sturdy structure

Easy to maintain

Precise dimensions

Faultless performance

Elevated transfer unit count

Uniform liquid distribution

High resistance against fouling and plugging



Trough-Pan Liquid-Gas Distributor

vapor distributor

Orifice pan liquid collecter and  redistributor

Orifice ladder liquid distributor

Orifice riser distributor

Orifice pan liquid distributor

Orifice trough liquid distributor


Material:SS304,SS316L,201,Carbon Steel,etc

Size:According to customers'requirements and drawings

Package:Wooden cases

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