Metal Wire Gauze Packing

2021-02-11 02:13:01

Product Description

metal wire gauze packing was original invented by Sulzers in 1960s, it's available in a wide range of materials, include stainless steels, 304, 316, 316L,carbonsteels. aluminium, copper bronze etc. Further materials available on request. metal wire gauze packings will provide large surface area, it also  characteristic of good low-load properties, large number of plates per meter in theory, and the number of plates will decrease with gas load increasing. The packing can meet the demand for accurate, large-scale, high vacuum distilling apparatus, and provide convenient conditions for distilling separation of some system difficult for separating, heat-variable system and high-purity products.


250AX Precision rectification for high productive capacity and less theoretical plate number. 500BX Vacuum rectification for thermosensitive system and hard separation system, especially suitable for rectification with pressure lower than 7KPa .700CY Separation of isotopic compound and isomeric compound.



1. Large surface area,High void fraction,Low weight

2. Small Gas-liquid Channel's Angle

3. Good Radial diffusion,fully Gas-liquid contacting

4. Low overall height



Fine chemical, flavors factory, isomer separation. The separation of thermally sensitive materials, testing tower and the improvement of tower.  

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