Plastic Gauze Packing

2021-02-12 02:17:38

Product Description

plastic gauze packing is one kind of plastic packings that made of PP polypropylene thread or PA line mix woven mesh. plastic wire mesh packing has been used industrially with great success for many years, The special gauze structure provides a very good wettability , even in aqueous systems, This packing is used primarily for columns with low liquid loads.It has the advantage of high temperature resistance, anti-alkali & acid. Plastic gauze structure packing can replace the industry corrugated ceramic packing .it is a creative revolution in packing field. But this kind packing's working temperature should not be over 80 °C. It always used in methanol absorbers, isopropanol absorbers, dimethyl-formamide absorbers, formaldehyde absorbers.



1. Mihnimum pressure drop,typically 2-4 mbar/m

2. Self-wetting packing surface

3. Low liquid load

4. Large number of transfer unit per meter

5. Operating temperature up to 80 degree

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