Metal Bubble Cap

2021-02-07 08:56:37

Product Description

Bubble cap is a structural member of a bubble-cap column, and features the sleeved joint between cap body and gas-lift pipe with the help of bearing legs on gas-lift pipe and bearing holes on cap body and the use of backing pin with positioning structure for securing. Bubble cap material could be material or plastic, it can assembled up without welding, and Fluon is especially suitable for making it. 

metal bubble cap design does not rely on the velocity of the upcoming vopour to hold the liquid on the tray.Because of its high cost and complexity, most modern column designs favour the use of sieve or valves trays over bubble cap trays.Bubble cap should only be used where very low vapour rates have to be handled,or adequate residence time is necessary for seperation and/or chemical reaction.or in application where a positive liquid seal is eesential at all flow rates. The Fluon bubble cap has the advantages of resisting corrosion and long service life

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