Mellapak Metal Structured Packing

2021-02-15 02:30:51

Product Description

mellapak packing is one kind of metal structured packing, it is made of perforated plate with channel corrugation on surface, and remains structured feature of metal wire gauze packing. It strengthens uniform liquid distribution and surface wetting ability, which increase mass transfer efficiency. It is a structured packing,whicn uniform geometry distribute in tower.This packing limits gas-liquid flow,improve channel flow and wall flow phenomenon,lower pressure drop. Meanwhile,it also provide more bigger surface area and achieve better mass transfer,heat transfer perfromance.The ealiest Metal structured packing was invented by Swiss Sulzer,called Mellapak packing.After then,the structured packing was widely promoted by many companies. such as Swiss Kuhni's Rombopak,Germany Monlz's Montz-pak,American Norton's Intalox Structured packing, Jaeger's Mix-pak, Raschig Ring's Ralu-pac and so on.Metal structured  packing is available in a wide range of materials; include stainless steels, 304, 316, 316L, Carbonsteels. Aluminium, copper bronze etc. Further materials available on request.



1.Stainless steels such as 304, 316L, 316Ti, 321

2.Carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, Monel and other corrosion resistant alloy

3.Other materials are available on request

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