PP PVDF Plastic Bubble Cap

2021-02-14 02:27:10

Product Description

plastic bubble cap is one product of tower equipment. it is used in promoting gas-liquid contact to increase mass transfer's efficiency.The gas flows up through the riser,reverse flow under the cap, passes downward through the annulus  between riser and cap,and finally passes into liquid through a series of opening or " Slots"in the tower side of the cap.The device has a built-in liquid seal which prevents liquid drainage at low gas rates. plastic bubble cap vacuum package machine disclosed by the utility model, the drugs are vacuum-packaged during the packaging process in the bubble cap, so that the storage time of the drugs is prolonged. The flexible plastic bubble cap vacuum package machine has the characteristics of being simple in structure and good in packaging effect. 

Note: plastic bubble cap in type 80,110,150 , or accept customization.

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