Stainless Steel Metal Packing Liquid Collector

2021-02-06 08:52:48

Product Description

Thliquid distributor is idyllically utilized in divergent industries for offering unvarying liquid distribution based on drip-point and point to point flow pattern. liquid collector,stainless steel liquid collector developed rigidly from the superior grade materials such as plastics, steel and carbon steel in conformation with the quality norms laid down by the industry. We have designated this range of distributors with utmost care to render distillation services in various domains flawlessly.


Stainless steel liquid collector's major function is collecting the liquid and re-distributing the gas,Usually,liquid collector is in the top of packing bed. The distance between liquid collector & packing bed is 150-200mm. It can be used to improve mass transfer efficiency,according to different processing requirement, we can install one or many liquid collectors in the different height's position. liquid collector improves cross mixing of the liquid before redistribution and allows mixing of feed streams with the internal column liquid.

Compacted and sturdy structure
Easy to maintain
Precise dimensions
Faultless performance
Elevated transfer unit count
Uniform liquid distribution
High resistance against fouling and plugging

Chevron type collector
chimney collector
Orifice pan liquid collecter and redistributor 
Flash feed collector 

Distillation services with high stage count per bed
High purity product distillation systems
Distillation services operating near the minimum reflux ratio or close to an equilibrium pinch
Absorption or stripping applications with close approach to equilibrium

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