Hacketten, Tri-Pack, Globe-Pac Tower Packing

2020-12-09 05:51:30

Product Description

Plastic tri-pack tower packing media (also named as?hacketten, Tri-Pak, plastic?globe-pac packing) is a hollow spheri-cal-shaped packing made of injection moulder plastic in four sizes diameter.Based on original Net structure, it increase spherical rib & struts' distribution.Dense distribution will increase intercept surface or points on each intricate ribs. Water droplet type vertical bars will promote gas ,liquid seperation.

Hacketten, Tri-Pack, plastic globe-pac packing has high void space,greater than packings of comarable size, and achieves superior pressure drop values, up to 90% reduction, as compard to other products. The packing has a high active surface area, exposing all of its surface area to be fully wetted during column operation. The performance capabilities of plastic Tri-Packs have results in significant saving in hundreds of packed column operations.Tri Bio Pack Media are widely applied for Absorbers, Degassing, Liquid/liquid extraction, water treatment, Heat transfer etc.

Superiority of Tri-Pack:

1.High active surface areas.
2.Extremely low pressure drops.
3.Extremely high operating capacities.
4.Symmetrical geometry made from a unique network of ribs, struts, and drip rods.
5.High mass and heat transfer rates.
6.High gas velocity, multiple blades and little resistance.

Materil: Polypropylene (PP), PE,PVC ,CPVC,PTFE,PVDF,etc.

Specification of tri-pack packing:

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