Plastic Cascade Ring

2020-12-15 05:47:52

Product Description

Plastic Cascade Ring brief introduction

plastic cascade ring  ( CMR ) or plastic cascade mini ring’s height is 1/2 or 1/3 ratio of the cascade ring’s diameter, and plastic cascade ring added cone-shaped flanging at one edge. So it reduced the resistance when air pass through bed layer, and increased voidage. The height/diameter ratio of the plastic cascade ring packing is 0.5 which is only half that of the known plastic pall ring, plastic cascade ring can be installed in a tower that tends to orient in a more structured way such that its inner surface could be more efficient. We  can provide cascade packign ring in a variety of plastic, such as PP, Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, HDPE and Glass Filled Polypropylene etc.

Size available for plastic cascade ring:

16mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 76mm, 100mm

Performance of plastic cascade ring:

1. Any solids can be easily flushed through the packing matrix by the liquid entering the packed bed .This make cascade ring a better fouling resistance
2. Plastic cascade mini ring’s special form make it’s surface area effectively wetted. This cascade packing also resists compression making removal easy during turnarounds. So this kind of tower packing have the high efficiency features.
3. plastic casade ring’s opening predominantly in the direction of the vapor flows allow easy vapor passage, this could make lower pressure drop.

Application of plastic cascade ring:

plastic cascade ring is applied in synthetic ammonia factories decarbonization, desulfurize system, crude oil separation, and other kind of separations, such as carbinol separation, organic acid separations absorbing and desorbing towers.

Plastic cascade ring specifications:

SpecificationsDiameter*Height*ThicknessSurface areaVoid spaceNumberBulk densityPacking factor
(mm)(mm)(m?/m?)(%)pcs/ m?(kg/m?(m-1)


Material of cascade ring could be PE,PP,RPP,PVC,CPVC,PVDF and so on.

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