Metal Super Mini Rings, Metal Flat Packing Ring

2021-01-09 06:13:33

Product Description

Metal Super Mini Ring , metal flat ring is always thought as the shorter cascade mini ring, because Super Mini Ring has the similar shape of cascade mini ring without top turn-ups. It also can be called as Metal flat ring.  Metal Super Mini Ring’s flat ring bent arc reinforced angle characteristics make less fluid resistance, and enlarge liquid & gas contact on easily wet surfaces. Metal Super Mini Ring (metal flat ring) has which has improved the packing of the hydrodynamics and mass transfer. Its performance is better than pall ring, as the axial mixing is small, the mass transfer effects may be increased by 20% or more. This kind of metal random packing can applied to gas-liquid mass transfer process.

Typical Application: 

 a) A versatile packing used in distillation, absorption and other operations.

 b) Used in both deep vacuum and high pressure towers.

Advantage of Metal Super Mini Ring:Large flux, low pressure drop, mass transfer efficiency, operating flexibility.


Surface aream2/m334822815012070
Void space%92.393.69596.598.5
Bulk densitykg/m3460485437346264
Packing factorm-133528017515690.2

Material:Carbon Steel; SS 304, 304L, 410, 316, 316L, etc.