bird deterrent balls,hdpe hollow float balls

2020-11-13 11:54:48

Product Description

bird deterrent ball is the U.V. black hollow float balls that made for bird control on water. It's 4”(100mm) hdpe hollow ball, Black, 40 Grams. It's made from  U.V. stabilized black HDPE. As the hdpe float ball cover 91% of the surface area, these hdpe hollow balls eliminate waterfowl like ducks, geese, and gulls in retention ponds, lakes. bird deterrent balls cover the water's surface to prevent pest water birds from landing, while still allowing sunlight in and maintaining the water's ecosystem. Bacteria, and other vegetation will not grow on these self-cleaning balls due to the continuous motion of the balls on the surface of the water.

Item name

4" Black  HDPE Hollow Ball, Bird Deterrent Balls

Ball diameter


Main material





design, make blow injection molding and equip


1) offer 24 hours responses and  resolutions.

2)ISO9001quality control  and inception

3)packing: according to  your requirement

4)In house&third  parties inspection

Technical Details of HDPE Bird Deterrent Floating Balls

Material:Virgin HDPE Material
Size: Diameter: 100 mm (4”)
Average Weight: 40 g
Number per sq.ft: 10
Surface Coverage: 116 Bird Balls per m? (10 per ft?)
Material: Black, UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene
Nominal weight: 40g (air filled), 240g (water filled)
Life expectancy: 10 years in conventional environments

4" Black HDPE Hollow Balls Characters:

Non-toxic and no recyclable material
The ball cover eliminates odors as it covers 91% of the open surface that holds odors in the waste lagoons.
Heating cost reduced by up to 75%
Unaffected by rain water
Reduces penetration of UV rays: prohibits growth of algae and clogging weeds.
Aeration can be installed underneath the Armor Balls? system to ensure aerobic conditions are maintained.
Reduce chemical consumption

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