moving bed filter

2016-11-30 12:19:44

Product Description

moving bed filter is is a new kind of suspension biofilm media carriers, moving bed filter media used in moving bed biofilm reactor system and integrated fixed-lm activated sludge (IFAS). The wastewater goes through suspending biofilm media of MBBR reactor, forming biological membrane on the surface of media gradually. With the action of microbial on the biological membrane, wastewater is purified. MBBR moving bed filter carrier can move freely in the reactor with the mixing of the water. 

moving bed filter carrier can be used in both aerobic process and anaerobic process.For the aerobic reactor, the aeration will make the media move; for the anaerobic reactor, mechanic mixing will make the media move. Our MBBR biofilm media has better treatment effect compared with traditional media. MBBR is a cost-effective solution for existing activated sludge plants that need more advanced treatment. Because little or no additional tankage is required, it is an ideal solution for plants with limited space for expansion. It is also an excellent choice for space efficient, high performance new plant designs. 

Moving bed filter characters:

• Capacity increase
• Quality Improvement – BOD & Nitrogen Removal 
• Fast recovery from Process Upsets 
• Limited Footprint 
• Future Expansion
• Minimize Process Complexity and Operator Attention

Moving bed filter specifications:

Weight per m3(kg)13014015512595
Number of unites per m3666,3401,038,0001,038,700341,000135,300
Specific surface area(m2/m3)>693>845>834>591>427
ColorNatural  White
MaterialVirgin  polythene

Biofilm Media Using Scope:
1. Project title, the amount of upgrading sewage treatment plant 
2. New sewage treatment project of MBBR and BAF process 
3. Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water 
4. River nitrogen, phosphorus removal 
5. Aquaculture in removall of ammonia nitrogen, water purification 
6. Biological filler biological deodorization tower


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