Plastic Covering Ball With Border

2020-11-30 06:13:41

Product Description

Plastic covering ball with border also named plastic liquid surface cavring ball has two kinds of models: one is liquid surface covering ball with edge and the other is without edge . The liquid surface covering ball with edge has the characteristics of stable gravity center, overlapping edge and edge, and good covering effect. Its function is to inhibit the volatilization of acid mist.

It is mainly used to cover the upper layer of liquid surface. For example, it can prevent the spillage and volatilization of the acid and alkali gas, reduce the pollution of the external environment of the acid and base gas, and have the effect of saving acid and alkali materials. It can separate air and water ,then can reduce the pollution of desalted water by CO2,O2 and dust impurities in the air, and ensure the quality of water.

It is of big void ratio, thermal proof, resistant to chemical corrosion. The height of pressure drop and transferring unit is low. It has high flooding packing factor, full liquid-gas contact, small bulky density, high transfer efficiency.

Petroleum, chemical engineering, chloralkali, coal gas, metallurgy, environmental protection, electricity.
It is used in horizontal acid storing cistern and storage or desalination water tank. It can reduce acid mist and the pollution of carbon dioxide and chlorine to the water.