HD Q-PAC Bio Trickling media (PP HDPE )

2023-10-18 18:24:30

Product Description

HD Q-PAC Bio Trickling media is increasingly recognized as the most efficient coalescing media yet developed for separation of oils from water containing suspended solids.Different from traditional corrugated and inclined plate coalescing media, HD Q-Pac offers the highest effective coalescing surface of any media on the marketplace. With all rounded elements, the entire surface area is available to support oil droplet coalescence. This eliminates the need for second-stage polishing to achieve oil removal.

HD Q-PAC is used for the separation of 20 micron oil with little to no suspended solids present in the wastewater.Meets EPA Method 1664 and European Standard EN-858.

The efficiency of any coalescing medium is dictated by multiple factors, including density, exposed surface area, velocity, flow direction, and the physical form of the media. All these elements impact the potential area of contact, emphasizing the need for the media to be fashioned in a way that boosts contact yet mitigates blinding. This media pack was crafted bearing all these considerations in mind. It offers superior coalescing and separation capacity compared to other media in the market. Its patented design, with the precise distance between plates, safeguards against blinding, while ensuring water navigates a winding route. This constant change in direction guarantees a heightened interaction of oil droplets with the cube surface, resulting in coalescence and oil extraction.

Characters of HD Q-Pac media

Its design, incorporating a 90° angle of repose, smooth rounded vertical surfaces, and an 87% void volume, guarantees exceptional self-cleaning capabilities. This makes it particularly resilient against clogging, even in oil-water separators burdened with substantial amounts of sludge, dirt, and microbial growth.Its polypropylene makeup allows for operational temperatures of up to 212°F (100°C), marking a notable advancement over traditional media.

The effective coalescing surface boasts 132 ft2/ft3, achieving over 99.9% removal of oil droplets measuring 20 microns or larger. It adheres to the standards set by both the EPA Method 1664 Revision A and the European Standard EN 858-1, ensuring a 99.99% elimination of free oil.

With HD Q-PAC Coalescing Media for for Oil Water Separators, there's no requirement for secondary polishing pads to achieve effluent standards. This media can fulfill effluent criteria without the need for the labor-intensive maintenance associated with polishing pads.

The HD Q-PAC media's specialized design ensures that oil can envelop its entire surface. This feature distinguishes it from corrugated and inclined plate media, where a significant portion of the surface remains inaccessible for the coalescence of ascending oil droplets.


pharmaceutical process water
oil separation
groundwater industry

drinking water



SizeSurface areaDrip PointsBulk DensitySmallest Grid OpeningVoid ratio
305*305*305 mm                13275000/ft37.5 lb/ft30.16"*0.16"                87.80%
40*40*40 mm612 m2/m3No data170 Kg/m30.07"*0.07" No data

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