Cordierite Ceramic Honeycomb For Heat Exchanger (RTO)

2021-01-31 03:13:32

Product Description

Cordierite Ceramic Honeycomb For Heat Exchanger (RTO) is widely used in heat transfer, storage , waste gas purification and catalyst carrier for RTO, RCO plants . Material: Alumina , Mullite, Cordierite Package: Wooden case. Ceramic Honeycomb Monoliths are specified as structured RTO media and ceramic saddles are a form ofrandom RTO media. Ceramic Honeycomb Materials: Cordierite, Porcelain, Mullite, Alumina, Stoneware, etc.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are used to destroy Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile OrganicCompounds (VOCs) and odorous emissions that are often discharged from industrial processes. RTO Honeycomb Ceramic Heat Exchanger: Honeycomb ceramics are a new kind ofindustrial ceramic product developed in recent years. They have a large surface area, higher air ventrate, good heat functions, stable chemical properties etc. Ceramic Honeycomb materials are mainly as the support of catalyst, heat exchange media and filtratesubstrate.

The cordierite honeycomb ceramic, which has a low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermalstability and thermal shock resistance, low back pressure, is widely used as catalytic carrier, especially forauto exhaust purifier.

Chemical&physical performance

Chemical&Physical IndexCordieriteDense cordieriteCordierite-mulliteMulliteCorundum-mullite



K2O+Na2O3%<1.0< span=""><1.0< span=""><1.0< span=""><1.0< span=""><1.0< span="">
Fe2O3%<1.5< span=""><1.5< span=""><1.5< span=""><1.5< span=""><1.5< span="">

Thermal EXpansion

Coefficient  10-6/K-1


<2< span=""><4< span=""><4< span=""><5< span=""><7< span="">
Specific Heat J/kg.K830-900850-950850-1000900-1050900-1100
Working Temperature<1300< span=""><1300< span=""><1350< span=""><1450< span=""><1500< span="">
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