Red Clay Balls

2021-01-20 07:39:04

Product Description

Clay ball or?loess ball is made from high quality clay, with adding the far infrared powder and tourmaline, which is calcined under high temperature. Its color could be yellow , red, brown, chocolate clor etc, and its appearance is global and smooth with uniformity. As the clay ball is a good support media for mattress and pillow. It has high active physical therapy efficacy with raising the blood recycling, boost metabolism, raising immunity, hairdressing skin.  It can be used in water treatment,public sauna,thermal spring treatment in family scouring bath. And on the other hand this health care ball can be used to make necklace, bracelet, cushion and waistband. We can produce all kinds of clay balls with different sizes as per clients'demand.

Clay Ceramic Ball Product Efficacy:

1. Adiation anion : Anion purify the air , corrosion and improve sleep function, can improve air quality , eliminate dirt and other clothing ;
2. Far infrared radiation : can radiate far infrared beneficial to human body , for greenhouses , decorative health care products and other places have a therapeutic effect ;
3. Shielding of electromagnetic radiation : loess ball laying wall and floor , can reduce electromagnetic radiation environment on the human body ;
4. Nutrition and health functions: the production of appliances with loess ball soaked in water bloom , trace generated close to or exceed the natural mineral water ; into the tub used for body massage can promote blood circulation , provide human immunity ;
5. Antimicrobial preservative function : to prevent harmful mold and fungi of various habitats , reducing harm to human body ;
6. Adsorption: can rapidly absorb food odors , cigarette smoke and other noxious odors ;
7. Regulate humidity: relative humidity can be maintained using the environment ;
8. Energy savings: After absorbing heat can emit far infrared , shortening the heating time .

Clay Ball Technial Data:






Can do as customer requirement

Loss on ignition



Compressive Strength



Void Space rate



Percentage of damage



Solid content



Bulk density

g/ cm3


Loss on drying


(100°C,2hr) ≥1.0

Far infrared emission



Far infrared release rate



Clay Ball Application




1. Clay ball for health care, food, health care , environmental protection and other industries ;

2. for pillows, mattresses, waist , knee-production as the filler ;

3. for crops, floriculture as a soil cover of green materials ;

4. for water quality improvement and beverages , wine and other materials used as purification ;

5. for the construction and installation industry as laying floor care materials ;

6. as a deodorant 


1. Color : Red,Brown,Chocolate color

2. Our clay ball largely exported to Korea, French etc,

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