Activated Alumina Desiccant

2018-02-04 08:47:01

Product Description

Activated Alumina Desiccant is a white, spherical porous material with the property of non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and ethanol. The particle size is uniform, the surface is smooth, the mechanical strength is high, the ability of moisture absorption is strong and the ball is not split after absorbing water.
Molecular Formula:  Al2O3. N H2O
Activated alumina has many micro-paths, so the specific surface is large.  It can be used as absorbent, desiccant and catalyst carrier. It is also a kind of trace water desiccant  and the pole molecular absorbent, according to the absorbed molecule polarization, the attachment force is strong for water, oxide, acetic acid, alkali ect. Activated alumina defluorinate just as the anion exchange resin, but the selectivity is much strong. The defluorinate effect of the activated alumina is good. The capacity is stable. It has high strength, low abrasion, no soften in water, no expansion, no  powdery no crack. It can widely used in the deep drying of cracked gas, ethylene and propylene, hydrogen-generation, air separation, instrument air drying and fluorine treatment for H2O2, also in the absorbing pollution material, such as H2S, SO2, HF and paraffin in the waste gas, especially in the drinking water defluorinate.

Technical data:

ItemUnitTechnical specification
Particle sizemm1-33-54-65-8
loss on ignition%
Bulk densityg/ml0.68-0.750.68-0.750.68-0.750.68-0.75
Surface areaM2/g≥300≥300≥300≥300
Pore volumeml/g≥0.40≥0.40≥0.40≥0.40
Static adsorption capacity%18181818
Water absorption%≥50≥50≥50≥50
Crushing strengthN/particle≥60≥130≥160≥200

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