2K, 3K, 2R, 3R Tellerette Scrubber Packings

2016-12-22 21:49:39

Product Description

2K, 3K, 2R, 3R tellerette scrubber packings are a high efficiency plastic tower packing designed for use in wet scrubbers, cooling towers, mist eliminators, absorption columns and gas strippers.The open filamentous shape of tellerette packing minimises restrictions to the gas flow through the packed bed thus minimising gas pressure drop and energy consumption.Not only low pressure drop,tellerett packings are effective with high-solid particulate loadings. This packings are also effective mist eliminators following a wet scrubber. 2K, 3K, 2R, 3R Tellerette Scrubber Packings is placed in a vessel by random dumping thus minimising installation time. 

1.High free volume, Low pressure drop
2.Low mass transfer unit height, High flooding poing
3.Uniform gas-liquid contact, Small specific gravity
4.High mass transfer efficiency

2K, 3K, 2R, 3R Tellerette Scrubber Packings applications:
Wet scrubbers for gas absorption 
Cooling towers for heat transfer 
Mist eliminators for liquid particle removal 
Gas absorption columns 
Gas strippers 
Air washers


Normal Maximum Loop Free Surface Average Packing
Packing Size Dimensions  O.D. Height Volume  (%) Ft2/Ft3 Factor
No. 1-TypeR 1.81" 0.75" 87 55 36
No. 2-TypeR 2.75" 1.00" 93 38 18
No. 3-TypeR 3.75" 1.50" 92 30 16
No. 2-TypeK 3.25" 1.25" 95 28 11
No. 3-TypeK 4.125" 2.19" 96 22 9

Material for tellerette scubber packings:

Customers can choose products of different materials such as polyethylene(PE), polypropylene(PP), reinforced polypropylene(RPP), polyvinyl chloride(PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride(CPVC) and polyvinyllidene fluoride(PVDF) based on different application requirements.

Tellerette Scrubber Packings Package Detail:

Package TypeContainer Load CapacityDelivery time
20 GP40 GP40 HQ
Ton bag24 m354 m364 m3Within 3-10 days
Plastic bag25 m355 m365 m3
Paper box25 m355 m365 m3