Plastic VSP Ring

2016-12-24 11:33:16

Product Description

plastic vsp ring's full name is "Very Special Packing", it's also called as plastic mella ring or plastic inner acr rings. ts structure is very similar with nor-pack, platic vsp ring has rational symmetry, excellent inner structure and large free space .Compared with plastic pall ring, its flux effiency is increase 15-30% , its pressure drop is reduce 20-30%.

Plastic vsp ring have the characteristics oflarge void rate, low pressure drop and low height of mass transfer unit, high extensive point, full contact of gas and liquid, low specific weight and high mass transfer efficiency. It is widely used in the packing towers, petroleum industry, chemical industry, alkali-Chloride industry, coal gas industry and environmental protection and etc.


1.High operating elasticity

2.Excellent inner structure and large free space 

3.Low pressure drop 

4.Large throughout 

5.Hihg efficiency and operating elasticity


                Size                Bulk Density                Surface area                Void
                mm                Kg/m3                m2/m3                %
                25                60                185                93
                50                45                100                95
                90                30                78                97

Note:Our factory could aslo arrange production for special size as customer's request