Ceramic Saddles, Ceramic Intalox Saddle Packings

2016-12-22 21:42:41

Product Description

Ceramic saddles is improved from berl saddles in the early 1950s , cerami intalox saddles are between the ring shape and the shape of the saddle, and therefore maintain both their advantages. This design has two different radii of curvature that provide a greater degree of randomness in the packed bed.

ceramic saddles are the frequently applied and standard ceramic random tower packing. ceramic intalox saddles ring’s ( ceramic saddle ) made from chemical porcelain, and it's fired at a very high temperature. So ceramic saddles have a high chemical resistance to acid, and its structure is conducive to the liquid gas distribution. Ceramic saddles’ cost at a relatively low cost, because it’s continuous extrusion method production way. And our ceramic intalox saddle rings product has been export to Middle East, Europe, and North America since 2002 . 


Available sizes for Ceramic saddles:   


Application :   Ceramic saddle rings are commonly used as heat transfer and corrosive acid applications, it can be applied in RTO ( regenerative thermal oxidizers ), dring tower , tail gas scrubbers, impasse towers, absorption tower, cooling tower, scrubber, regeneration tower etc.

Physical properties of Ceramic Saddles:

Nominal size1/2″5/8″3/4″1″1.5″2″3″
Number per m3610,000269,000146,00059,00019,6808,2432,400
Package density (kg/m3)780700670630580550530
Free volume (%)68717577807975
Surface area (m2/m3)64753535025418012091
Specific gravity (g/cm3):   2.3
Water absorption (%) <0.3
Acid resistance (%) >99.6
Max operating temp. 1100℃
Porosity (%)  <1
Moh’s hardness (scale)>6.5
Thermal conductivity (w/m.k):0.9-1.0
Specific heat(j/kg℃):850-900

 Chemical Composition


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