Ceramic Connecting Rings Packing

2020-11-23 06:05:15

Product Description

Ceramic connecting ring packing has get rid of the shortcoming of the old-style packings that is large in resistance. short in service life, easy to be corroded and broken.They are reformed packings with the advantage of simple structure,high operation, good flexibility,efficient mass transfer and excellent press drop.After the glazing surface of the ceramic connecting rings are cleaned They can be used again.


1. Light specific gravity and low obstruction

2.A large mass-transfer co-efficient, large valid area and excellent effectiveness

3.Resist aging, sudden heat and sudden coldness

4.New structure that can make circular shapes, is able to be cut and easy to pack



They are widely applied to washing tower for coal gas in generation furnace,benzene,naphthalene and ammonia washing tower for coking gas,desulphurization tower,decarbonising tower,carbon dioxide removal tower,oil refining and chemical project. They are especially applicable to extraction and fractionation.

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