Ceramic Super Saddles

2020-12-24 02:16:14

Product Description

Ceramic Super Intalox Saddle are divided into two different types of products according to their properties, one is often used in the field of Chemical and Petrochemical industries, another is mainly used in environmental areas such as RTO(Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers) equipments.  But both of them are the most frequently used high-performance packing and exhibit advantages for most applications in comparison with other shapes. Their smooth surface imparts a high chemical resistance and provides ceramic super intalox saddle rings with a high level of stability. Due to their simple form, ceramic super Intalox saddle can be produced at a relatively low cost.

It has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance.it can resist to corrosion of various inorganic acid,organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid,and can be used in high or low temperature condition. 

These Ceramic Super Intalox saddle are made from chemical porcelain and have excellent resistance to acids except in the case of hydrofluoric acid.
Moisture absorption must less than half a percent.
The porcelains specific gravity is 2.3-2.4g/cm3 and an average heat capacity (between 20 and 500 of 0.22 cal/g.)
Ceramic Super Intalox saddle softening point is 1400 min. And they show good thermal shock resistance during repeated cycling between 20 and 820 .

Thermal shock test for Ceramic Super Intalox Saddle:
For example shipping the Ceramic Super Intalox saddle over 80 M3:
1) Randomly pick 100-200 pieces of ceramic saddles for RTOs from the batch or shipment
2) For each sample selected, heat it up to 820 and maintain them at this temperature for 30 minutes.
3) Drop the hot pieces into cold 20 water
4) Repeat steps 2 & 3 for10 times on each and every piece in the sample lot.
5) Examine the pieces and count the percent that show clear signs of breakage and/or cracking. Our standard is less than seven (7%) percent

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