imtp packing production, quality assrance,delivery

imtp packing production, quality assrance,delivery

We are delighted our IMTP(intalox metal tower packing) product our IMTP products have passed the testing conducted by the third-party inspection agency appointed by the customer. We will arrange for the shipment to the customer shortly.

Suitable metal materials are sourced for manufacturing imtp packing as customer's request.. Common materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.

Compared to other tower packing products, intalox metal saddle tower packing have advantages as below: 

Reduced pressure drop: Metal saddle packing offers lower pressure drops, reducing foaming and energy consumption.  

Improved efficiency: With higher efficiency across a broad flow range, metal saddle rings enhance performance, allowing for the design of systems with smaller column diameters. 

Enhanced mechanical strength: Various material options allow for optimal strength-to-weight ratios, with select products suitable for use in packed beds up to 50 feet deep. 

Minimal hold-up: Random geometries and increased surface area promote improved interfacial gas-liquid contact while minimizing hold-up. 

Operational flexibility: Metal saddle ring tower packing provides a flexible solution adaptable to operational changes while maintaining superior quality and performance.

Increased gas flux: Metal saddle rings can significantly improve gas flux, enhancing gas distribution and liquid distribution. 

Enhanced surface utilization: Metal saddle ring packing maximizes surface utilization, leading to improved process results.

Material Preparation

The purchased metal materials undergo processing and preparation to be shaped into the required form and dimensions for IMTP packing. This may involve cutting, bending, welding, and other machining steps.


Prepared metal materials are shaped into the specific form of IMTP packing, typically resembling trapezoidal rings or other shapes with high surface area.Each batch of products undergoes rigorous quality control and testing to ensure its performance and reliability.

Quality Assurance:
Quality is our lifeline, and providing high-quality products to customers is our commitment. Our production processes comply with international standards and adhere to strict quality management systems to ensure that each product's quality meets or exceeds customer expectations. Formed IMTP packing may require cleaning and treatment to remove surface impurities and dirt, ensuring the packing's surface is smooth and clean.

Shipment Process:
Our shipment team is highly experienced and has meticulously prepared and packaged your order. We select the safest and most reliable shipping methods and closely monitor the transportation status of each batch of goods to ensure that they arrive at their destination on time and intact.

Packaging and Storage

After passing quality checks, IMTP packing is packaged and labeled according to customer requirements. The packing is then stored in appropriate warehouses, ready for shipment to customers.
Customer Service:
Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. Our customer service team is available to support and assist you, answer your questions, and resolve any issues you may have. We cherish every communication with our customers and strive to provide you with a better service experience.

If you have any further questions or requests, please feel free to contact us. We are at your service!

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